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Meeting Places

Where to meet?

Where to meet is often an important issue. Safety, anonymity and cost are all relevant. Here are some observations from my own experience.


A hotel is an obvious choice. Space and comfort may be important to you for a satisfying and relaxed experience.

Many hotels offer discounts and special offers for single night bookings as long as they are contacted a few days in advance. The most expensive way to book an hotel room is to leave it to the day before - there will then rarely be a bargain to be found, and you will have to pay the daily room rate.

Good hotels abound around the M25 area and a good search engine will turn up many a good choice. Inns are usually not a good option, remember, you are NOT on holiday, and your standards may be higher. Another and less expensive choice are the many travel stops around the M25. There are several good budget hotels at Gatwick, Heathrow and near the Dartford Tunnel.

Usually, if you would like me to visit you in your hotel room - I will only need your hotel name and room number - I am quite capable of finding my own way....... :-)

Your Home

The ultimate choice for you to feel relaxed and in control.

You have the freedom to set the scene, mood and atmosphere. Candles, towels, water and whatever else you want can be easily organised by yourself.

Be assured that I will respect your privacy totally. I expect the same level of discretion from yourself to me, as I offer to you.

The Car

Surprisingly, this can be quite a good choice. I have a very large and very comfortable 4x4 with blacked out windows, air-conditioning and leather seats. It is a seven seater and with two of the seats in the back folded up, there is a huge amount of room on the rear leather seats.

Positives about using the car are that no special arrangements / bookings need be made and it contributes to a spur of the moment mood.

Anonymity is easier to guarantee - I need only to know where we are to meet (and how I might recognise you :-)) I will bring the venue with me...... :-)

If you drive yourself, the service stations around the M25 are good initial meeting places - CCTV monitors all vehicles using the services (safety?) but can't see in through my blacked out windows........ :-) I can recommend Clacketts Lane (Junction 5/6 M25) as having good privacy AND security.

My Club

I belong to a private members naturist club.

The club has a lovely indoor swimming pool, a sauna, steam room, two jacuzzis, a gym, two gardens, a coffee lounge and some private (lockable) rest rooms. There are good showers with unlimited hot water.

Entry cost is approx 20 - 25 (depending on what time of day/eve) in addition to my booking fee so this can be a very cost effective as well as pleasant venue for a meeting.

It is also possible to book a room there, if you want to stay overnight.

Office / Workplace

This can work but generally needs some preparation / organising.

You will need to provide me with a reason to call plus good directions and ensure that we won't be disturbed!

Sitting at your desk and having me visit could be a very interesting experience for you.

No male callers

I never respond to male callers. I will not discuss services with male callers, or by email, so please don't waste your time and mine. I am not an escort agency and, sorry, but I just don't have the time to give advice to men wanting to be escorts.

See my SERVICES page for more details of the special, personal services I can provide.

Want to know more?

  • Email: - so feel free to mail me at anytime and leave a message - need an experienced, mature man?

  • I can travel or meet in London, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Herts, M25 area, Dartford, Rochester and Medway Area, and the South East of England, UK. Also the airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, or Stansted. No area is excluded so please contact me if you would like to meet elsewhere.


  • Alternatively, email me,

  • Call to see how I sound! - I do not respond to male callers.

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