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  • I offer a hot personal service, exclusively for women, in the South East.

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Fantasies and Role Play

Fantasies and role-play fulfillment, just ASK!

I am gradually developing this page as ideas are suggested to me or requested of me! - so check back often.

Check out all the fantasy scenarios - the first few may not be for you and they are in no particular order.

Don't see your own fantasy here and believe it should be? Let me know!

And remember, these ARE fantasies, women are allowed to dream, too.

The Slut

Want to be used and abused? If your thing is to be treated as a pleasure object (perhaps it's never happened to you?) and you would like to be the recipient of all the dirty, slutty things you have read about or seen in videos then why not give me a call?

I can be very selfish OR very sharing - it's your choice, so if your fantasy is to be used, and perhaps, treated like a slut, just for my pleasure, let me know, I might even tell you that you are my best slut ever...... if you are good enough (read dirty enough).

The slut is a common female fantasy scenario and, with me, yes, you would have total permission to explore this side of your character, safely. Again, we will set boundaries and limits but........... are you thinking no limits? Want to be a total slut for me? I WOULD use you.

The Photographer's Model

I am actually a keen amateur photographer. So if this is your fantasy to be photographed and posed in increasingly revealing shots then contact me. I have all the right equipment (seriously, photographic equipment I mean) to make this scenario come alive.

We could negotiate degrees of exposure prior to starting and anonymous shots are, of course, OK. (Consider a wig, sunglasses or even a mask).

And remember, the photographer may get turned on while he photographs you.... :-)

The Stripper

Always wanted to show your femininity by taking off your clothes slowly for a man? Where/when else would you have the opportunity to show your erotic skills?

Have you watched women in films and in the media stripping and thought "I could do that!" - then why not do it with in the presence of an accepting and supportive man?

Have body image issues and want to be told you look good and are turning me on? - I can do that for you..............

The Submissive and her Master

Your one duty in life is to please your master. You will make yourself available to me.

You will give yourself willingly to your master.

Your master will want to look at you, to touch you and to enjoy you.

Your master may require you to do things you haven't done before.

You will do them for ME - your master.

Male Masturbation

Want to be watch a man pleasure and satisfy himself but never had the opportunity? You might consider my fees a small price to pay for this life enhancing experience. I have absolutely no inhibitions and will perform and satisfy myself just for you. So if you are curious as to how it is done and want to see in a safe situation then consider contacting me.

Is your fantasy to be fully clothed while a man undresses in front of you and proceeds to masturbate to climax?

Have a fantasy about a man cumming over you somewhere?

Female Masturbation

Want to be watched by a man?

Always wanted to share that secret side of yourself with an appreciative male audience? Are you proud of what you can do and want to show off?

Play with yourself while I watch - I won't join in in any way unless you ask me, I will provide the audience for your ultimate pleasure.

Have a fantasy about a man watching you orgasm by your own hand?

Corporal Punishment CP

I have a firm hand and if you have been a naughty girl then perhaps some discipline is neeeded? Naughty girl scenarios are very, very horny and I really do have a good smack. So bend over, raise your skirt and drop those knickers....... you are going to get your bottom tanned. And when your bottom is glowing pink and striped from being paddled...... you WILL thank me, won't you?

Note: If Corporal Punishment is something that you are not sure of but would LIKE to explore be assured that I totally rely on feed-back to continue and we will always negotiate a safe word and boundaries before we start.

Also note that I am a very poor receiver of pain - you would be welcome to try your own hand on me but I warn you - I will most likely scream at the lightest tap! :-)

And further: If serious CP is your thing and you can supply the equipment, paddles, slippers or canes then I would be more than happy to use them once you convince me that it is what you want and we have established a safe word and those essential boundaries.

Older Man

Well, I can clearly cater for this scenario with no problem! I have just turned fifty years old and am totally un-inhibited. If your fantasy is to be seduced by (or seduce) an older man then you might do worse than consider me. I am experienced and mature and highly sexed - I would fall right into this fantasy without even trying :-)

Just let me know how you would want this fantasy to go - am I lecherous and eager or aloof and need convincing?

College Professor

Want to convince me to give you better grades - Isn't there something you can do, anything, to get an A+?

Did you neglect your work and want to pass the course anyway - what exactly did you have in mind?

No bar to age with this one - remember it is a fantasy and YOU can be any age, we're all young at heart.

Hmmmmm, well, now you've mentioned it, there is something you can do to get a better grade.........

The Masseur

You are having a full body massage. The masseur is rubbing essential oils into your skin. The towel has slipped down your back (you are naked beneath it) and his hands are becoming firmer and more adventurous.

You are getting turned on from his gentle yet firm touch on your body and then he asks you to turn over....... he wants to do your front........

I am a skilled masseur and can give a satisfying, relaxing and energising, full body massage - why not give me a call? Email:

In The Car

Well, this one again is easy for me. I have a passion wagon on wheels - a huge four by four with blacked out windows, leather seats and air-conditioning.

If your fantasy is to meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger in the back seat of his car and go back to your teen-age years, :-) then this might be for you.

An added bonus is that the passion wagon avoids the need to book a hotel and also creates a more anonymous experience.

Good meeting places? Motorway service stations are good - they are video monitored which is good for safety but the cameras can't see into my blacked out windows......... :-)

Lipstick and Stockings

Red lipstick, red nails and red lingerie - is this your message to me that you are ready for sex?

The preparation for sex and the accoutrements of sex can contribute to a heightened sexual experience. Do you like red nails, red lipstick and red underwear....... do you?

Dressing Up

Want to wear that nurses uniform you have tucked away........ again?

Or perhaps you have always wanted to dress up and then down for a man?

Air-Stewardess, Policewoman, Hotel Maid, Nurse, Secretary, Teacher, Librarian - you could be any of these - with a male audience?

Or perhaps, you just want to pose in some of the different clothes you have in your wardrobe and be appreciated by an interested, turned-on man?

Want to model your holiday clothes and new bikini for me before you go?

Oral Sex

Want to be pleasured orally for enough time until YOU have had enough and not just the usual few quick licks! - why not choose me as your partner for this fantasy experience. I have had numerous compliments on my staying power and am often told I am VERY good with my tongue..........

Perhaps your fantasy is to meet a tall, handsome mature man who will drop to his knees and stay there until YOU ask him to rise?

Or....... want to practise your own oral skills on a cock that is more than cock-tail sausage size?.......... sorry, couldn't resist that, I am lucky to have been told many times that I am well-endowed and have a big cock.

So, if your fantasy is to suck a big cock until it melts in your mouth and not in your hand then give me a call.

Anal Sex

Never tried it but want to? This is very, very common - you only have to ask - safety, gentleness and adequate precautions are, of course, taken without exceptions.

My own anus is very, very sensitive and has never had anything bigger than a finger near it so I assure you I understand what it means to be gentle in this area.

There are other sexual adventures that can be had in this area that don't include penetration - communication is a wonderful thing so make sure you TELL me what you want.

The Business Woman

Is your fantasy to have a man at your beck and call for those times when you need relief?

Are you too busy to take time out for your physical needs unless they are taken care of in EXACTLY the way you want and at the time you need?.

Would you like to be dressed for work and have me on my knees at your feet following your instructions, quickly?

As a business women you may have little time for sexual relief and not want to waste time on unnecessary preparations and negotiations - have your diary at hand?

Female Couples / Sharing

I also accept bookings from female couples. If you have a friend that you would like to share me with - then why not? Want me to be there and on stand-by in case either of you needs a man? Again, why not.

Two women sharing one man can be a special and highly erotic experience for all concerned. Your own pleasure can go from dominant to submissive and you will have opportunities to give AND receive - and you will have a friend there!

Is your fantasy to show your friend something REALLY interesting you have discovered? :-)

Want me to be there just to be available if needed?

Want to buy a friend a SPECIAL present and maybe have a taste of the present yourself?

Your Fantasy

Have a certain fantasy of your own? Just try me! Email:

No male callers

I never respond to male callers. I will not discuss services with male callers, or by email, so please don't waste your time and mine. I am not an escort agency and, sorry, but I just don't have the time to give advice to men wanting to be escorts.

See my SERVICES page for more details of the special, personal services I can provide.

Want to know more?

  • Email: - so feel free to mail me at anytime and leave a message - need an experienced, mature man?

  • I can travel or meet in London, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Herts, M25 area, Dartford, Rochester and Medway Area, and the South East of England, UK. Also the airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, or Stansted. No area is excluded so please contact me if you would like to meet elsewhere.


  • Alternatively, email me,

  • Call to see how I sound! - I do not respond to male callers.

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